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Top insider tips and things to know about hair extensions!

Looking for long, flowing locks or thicker, fuller hair? Hair extensions have become a popular choice for achieving the look of longer looking hair and are a norm in the beauty industry.

At Amata Salon, we have specifically trained and talented stylists that know the "ins and outs" with hair extensions. But hair extensions may not be a good choice for everyone. It is important that each each guest is guided appropriately to whether or not hair extensions are a good fit for your hair type and lifestyle, as there are a lot of considerations.

What type of hair extensions should you choose?

There are many options and various price ranges that go into selecting the right hair extensions for you, and just how much hair necessary or desired. Though it can be quite expensive to add a full head of thick, super long hair, sometimes opting for less can still be effective...and a little can go a long way.

When trying to go a more affordable route, many guests opt for what we call "fillers". This option does not add length, per se, but can change difficult to work with, fine hair that holds no curl hair type into one with bounce and sass. Slower growing and thin hair areas around the face that don’t seem to ever catch up to the rest of your desired length can become the same length as the back, and thicker with just a few extensions. This option is very affordable and starts from $35-$55.

With different application methods and types of hair extension options, we offer our most popular tape-in extensions (which are popular due to being most lightweight and comfortable), to fusion, i-tip, and hand tied weft with natural beaded row application. We use the brand Aqua Hair Extensions for our hair extension products and having a quality product is essential for getting the desired look and longevity.

We can help discover your hair dreams and bring them to reality! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, or to schedule a complimentary consultation at our location in Rogers, MN, and see which extension style and choice fits best for you!


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