Spring Hairstyle Trends 2020

So I may be jumping the gun a bit here mentioning spring, but you might as well daydream of blue skies and birds chirping, while you read this!

2020 Hair trends are changing up a bit, without leaving behind some of your favorite hair styles of 2019. Messy top buns are not going a way (thank goodness), but are trending from messy, to messier!! So next time you pull your long locks on top of your head, or half way up, go a little crazy.

If your looking to switch it up a bit, bouncy, curled ponytails are a go to this year (very 50's!) Add some flair with an accessory! All type of hair accessories are back in style for 2020. From hair scarves to bows and ribbons, and wide headbands and the old school side comb clip from the 80's. Be creative with your hair accessories, as it seems there is no way to go wrong.

Bright colored hair is here to stay this year. Have fun with temporary conditioners that can take you from blond to pink in one wash, and sprays that can add a fun streak to your hair. Messy braids and braided tendrils to frame your face are a great way to jazzy up your tussled do too!

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